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A day/night switch or better known as a photo electrical control unit (PECU) is an electro-optical device which comprises a photo electrical sensor observing the amount of and variation of daylight in combination with an electrical switch. The device is predominantly used to switch electrical loads at sunset and sunrise. The application of day/light switches may vary from the switching of streetlights, home security lights and advertising boards to the switching of other loads like water pumps & solar geysers.


Synchronised switching is a unique feature of the V-light Day-night switch (PECU) that enables the relay contact to close when the current passes near zero volt. This reduces the stress on the relay contact when switching loads on and off.


In the Box: 

1x 25Amp V-Light™ Daynight switch


V-Light™ Day Night Switch 25 AMP

SKU: VDN-025
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